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Everything from simple key fobs to sophisticated ANPR access control options

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automatic gates

New Systems
Finish off your driveway or secure your premises with a high quality automatic gate system. A wide range of wooden gates, iron gates or aluminium gates is available.


Extend the life of your automatic gates with regular servicing. This will also help maintain any warranties you may have on new automation equipment.

Safety Checks

Owning automated access control equipment comes with some responsibility, we can help you comply with HSE by adding safety features to existing systems and providing the necessary service schedules and certification.


Call us for fast response and repairs of electric gates, keypads, intercoms, access control and CCTV breakdowns.

When we’re planning your automated gate entry system with you, we carefully consider who will need to get in and out of your property, with this information we can work out the most appropriate access control system from the start.

Available Features

When you meet a member of our team, they’ll be happy discuss your requirements and suggest the system that would be most suitable.

Key Fob

This is probably the simplest method of entry or exit – a small key fob that will open and close your automated gate at the touch of a button.

key padKeypads

We can install keypads for entry and exit, anyone with the correct code can open the gate, the code can be changed if necessary.


Visitors simply press a button and wait for someone to let them in. Wireless intercoms are a popular solution as they allow you to open the gates from your mobile phone. You can also choose to hardwire the intercom which would require a cable to be laid from the gate to your house or office where a handset is installed.

automatic gate entry system

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

This system can recognise car number plates on a ‘white list’ and will automatically open the gates to let the vehicle through, numbers that are not on the list will not be admitted.

Push button

Just press the button and the gates will open and close during the hours set on the timer. A push button can be useful when you want to leave the property on foot but don’t want to take a fob with you, it can also be an ideal alternative to a ‘trade button’ so that regular tradespeople can enter during set hours or for post deliveries, refuse collections etc, this allows trusted people to enter without disturbing you.

Fireman’s switch

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a fire, you don’t want the fire brigade forcing the gates open and damaging them, for this reason we suggest installing a fireman’s switch that works from a specific key held by a nominated key holder, the fire service should also have their own key on board the fire engine.

Safety photocells

Safety photocells stop the gates closing if anything is between the infra-red beams.

Automation equipment

We install either FACC or CAME gate automation equipment depending on the specific requirements of each site.


Intercom Video

A short video of the intercom in use.