The advances in network CCTV Installations, Wireless and 4G Broadband have changed the lives of many with far reaching properties to cover. Crystal clear images to identify any intruders or problems with your stock or assets. Live monitoring to your smart phone or laptop can save you time and money. An extra employee without the wages.

Network CCTV Systems

Fully networked protection for your property. Advanced video storage and remote monitoring. The latest day and night vision CCTV.

Get your premises secured with our 4K resolution surveillance cameras. We have all types of cameras to meet your needs. Battery operated cameras and wireless systems that you can operate and monitor from up to 2.5 miles.

High Definition / 4K CCTV

We have the ultimate range of HD and 4K CCTV camera systems to help protect your home or business. With advances in technology, fuzzy CCTV images are things of the past! Both HD and 4K CCTV cameras will provide crystal clear images making sure you capture the information needed. LASS can supply, install and maintain your CCTV equipment


Choosing the best CCTV Security Systems for your Business or Home can throw up a lot of questions on what is the best way to go forward. The latest wave of CCTV IP Cameras is taking smart Business’ and Security conscious Homeowners into a front line deterrent in home & business security.

IP Cameras make monitoring your home or business assets easy by simply installing it as part of your network which can then be relayed back to your computer, phone, networked video recorder or micro-SD card. As with everything there is the cost versus quality decision for you to make with your installation. Here at Lloyds Aerial, Satellite and Security, we have started to put together a few articles to pick your way through and find the right system for you.

IP CCTV Installation At Shop Premises in Aberystwyth

We recently completed the installation of a new networked IP CCTV Security system at a shop premises in Aberystwyth, West Wales. The owners had become frustrated with the analogue system that they currently had in place. The images were not up to the proof standards for identifying individuals that were shoplifting. To begin with we installed 4 HD IP CCTV cameras, the difference in picture was a world apart and with the new cameras now producing the highest quality pictures that could be zoomed in even when watching playback. It wasn’t long before we changed all the old cameras to new.

CCTV Camera

Hik Vision Bullet Camera

8.29 Megapixel high-performance CMOS
3840 × 2160 resolution
2.8mm 3.6 mm, 6 mm fixed focal lens
4 in 1 video output (switchable TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS)
EXIR 2.0, smart IR, up to 30m IR distance
Up the Coax(HIKVISION-C)

The owner of the property can now monitor the cameras from anywhere in the world as they have been networked to provide remote monitoring from any location with internet access. The security and confidence of the staff on site has been greatly improved.


Check out some of the great advances by one of our preferred suppliers
Hikvision launches Face Recognition Terminals

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has launched a range of groundbreaking face recognition terminals. Hikvision’s face recognition terminals are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and office scenarios for improving building operations, workforce management and safety operations.